DirecTV is the experienced leader of the satellite service sector in the country of the USA


It is a standalone facility. The plus point in DirecTV is that it is available and accessible anywhere and everywhere. So much of quality channels with different genres are rendered only by DirecTV with their varied plans and packages. If that was not enough, pay per view channels is also rendered by DirecTV. It has grabbed the market with its DVR (Digital Video Recorder) facility for recording content.

Report on the Analysis

  • The user might have observed the trend that the more the number of channels in the package, the costlier will be the packageand the  better will be the streaming experience
  • The Select packageis the most basic one with the best value for money for limited streaming needs
  • For instance, the Entertainment packageis adored by avid sports fans who watch lots of tournaments regularly
  • The Choice packagehas a lot of variety. It has some different channels like the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) as well as the Game Show Network. Family audiences will find it apt and viable
  • The Xtra packageis the most acclaimed package. It comprises of so many channels at a throwaway price. Highly demanded and worthy channels like the Tennis Channel are available

The user can select the best DirecTV package as per his budget and streaming needs